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Manicures and Pedicures
Begin with a relaxing pedicure soak in our stunning copper pedicure basins and manicure bowls. 
Relax with ease and confidence as your cuticles are cared for and your nails are trimmed, filed, shaped and buffed using medically sterilized implements and single-use files and buffers. 
Rough feet are smoothed  with safe and gentle callus treatment (no cheese grater or illegal blade) and scrubbed with a disposable, gentle pedicure file revealing softer soles. 
 All-natural moisturizer (free of formaldehyde, parabens and petroleum) hydrates the skin during the massage.

Spa Treatments

Natural Paraffin Infusion (healing essential oils for dry skin, a natural anti-aging treatment)

Organic Coconut Oil Scrub (hand-crafted, custom scrub providing gentle exfoliation for exceptional softness)

Eucalyptus Mask (infused with sesame oils, chamomile & aloe vera, soothing sore muscles)

Lux Massage (a 10-minute massage, with optional Dead Sea purifying hot stones, to relieve stress and relax the hands and feet)

Pur Lux

Our Signature Service.

Natural Paraffin Infusion, Organic Coconut Oil Scrub, Eucalyptus Mask, Lux Massage (Dead Sea hot stones optional)

Mani & Pedi $140   Mani  $65  Pedi  $75

(Discount to honor and thank veterans, active military, first responders, teachers, seniors, and  bless students.  $10 off each.)



Select three treatments

Mani & Pedi $120   Mani  $55   Pedi  $65    



Select two treatments

Mani & Pedi $100   Mani  $45   Pedi  $55



Select One Treatment

Mani & Pedi $80   Mani  $35   Pedi  $45

Waterless Pedi

Milk and Honey Mask (no soak) plus natural paraffin infusion and Lux Massage  $65

Gel Pedi

Select One Treatment, Finished with gel polish


Natural or No Soak (polished  finish)

Mani & pedi $60  Mani$25  Pedi $35

Princess $15/$25        Queen Bee $25/$35       Baby Doll $8/$10