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Helpful Answers to your Questions

    Your health matters.  We use healthy and safe beauty products.  We proudly offer non-toxic nail polishes, antimicrobial waxes, formaldehyde free lash adhesives, and Beautycounter skincare and makeup, a beauty line that eliminates 1,500 harmful and questionable product ingredients.



     We are committed to Cleanliness.  We perform a 3-level sterilization process between each service and use disposable, single use nail files, buffers, pedicure scrubbers and cuticle pushers with every service.  


   Removing toxins.  We use toxin free products and nail polishes.

    We use Essential Oils.   We offer six different aromatherapy options.

     Organic Coconut Oil Scrub.  This refreshing, organic scrub is made fresh daily.  

     Peace.  We are calm and relaxing.

     No noxious smell.  We use organic lotions infused with pure essential oils.  The aroma is relaxing and beautiful.  

    Copper Basins.  Copper is the most hygenic and sanitary surface since it does not allow fungus or bacteria to grow.

       No pipe or Suspect "Pipeless" Chairs.  Without a pipe, there is no place for nasty toe jam and clippings to hide and grow bacteria or fungus.

     Medically Sterile.  We sterilize all metal implements after each use.  

        Complimentary Soothing Neck Wrap.  Warm or Cool.  

   Licensed Nail Technicians. Our nail technicians were educated and graduated from accredited schools and are licensed in the State of Oklahoma.  Each technician is fluent in English.

Can I bring my own polish?  Yes!

Can I get a same day appointment?

Yes! We have same day appointments available - every day!  We suggest calling earlier for best availability.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes! If you know you are coming, call ahead to check availability, get your spot and eliminate waiting.  

What services do you perform?




Gel Pedi

Dip Manicures

Shellac & Gel Mani 

Dip Acrylic Full Sets

Nail Repair


Express Facial Bar



What about men?


We serve everyone!  Our basins will fit up to size 20 feet. 






What if I mess up or chip my polish?

No one wants a messed-up nail after a manicure or pedicure, and we are here to help!  We will gladly fix (within 2 days for regular polish or 7 days for gel/dip - excludes polish change services) chipped or messed up polish free of charge.  After that, a minimum $5 re-apply charge applies.

We care about you.  Our first priority is you!  We work very hard to make your experience enjoyable while providing you with beautiful nails and a relaxing service.  You deserve it!